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Proper electrode placement is vital to obtain the best results from your TENS unit . Please see the following charts which have been special ly prepared to help you. The most important aspect of TENS electrode placement is to position them so that the current passes through the painful area, or along the nerves leading from the pain.

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Jan 10, 2014· 9. When the pain overlaps a joint (e.g. elbow pain): Place each pad on the muscle or soft tissue just above and below the joint in a horizontal and parallel direction. 10. When the pain is wide (e.g. between your shoulders below the neck): Place the pads to the left and right side of your spine in a vertical direction.

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Jul 26, 2019· 2. Use a minimum of two pads for pain treatment. Using one pad will not provide pain relief. Four pads are even more useful for optimal pain treatment. 3. Testing out the distance between each tens unit pad as this will alter the flow of the electrical current 4. TENS Unit pads can be placed horizontally, vertically, or at an angled position. 5 ...

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Treat your pain effectively with the TENS pain therapy. Attach the electrodes 5 x 5 cm as shown in the illustrations. For these applications you need a TENS device with at least two channels. Special knee electrode. Specially designed knee electrodes adapt ideally to the shape of your knee and make the TENS application for knee pain noticeably ...


The TENS Electrode Placement Atlas © MyHealthBlitz.com 2 Neck Pain To relieve neck pain, place two electrodes either side of your spine high on your

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Place the film with the pads back inside the plastic bag, squeeze the excess air out of the bag, and then completely seal it for storage. Proper Pad Placement Ensures the Best Results. In order to achieve the best results from your Compex, you will need to know the proper muscle stimulation pad placement.

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Pad placements - elbow pain. The objective is to place the pads either side of the spot where your elbow pain is at its worst. The signal passes from one electrode to the other, therefore passing through the site of pain. These are examples only. Please phone us if you need further advice.

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PAD PLACEMENT Electrode Placement Chart for TENS and EMS Strength, Pain & Recovery There is no exact science or industry standard for electrode placement. These images serve as a guideline. You have to experiment to get the best results but the positions shown are highly recommended after 30 years of our own research.*When the numbers ... Read more Pad Placement

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TENS Unit Pad Placement for Tennis Elbow. TENS unit pad placement for tennis elbow is also flexible. You can try placing two electrode pads above the elbow and two below, creating a square around the elbow. Or, place one larger pad directly above the elbow and one below. Adjust the pads accordingly to find the placement that targets your ...

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Pad placement - elbow joint. Pain relief - place pads where they are comfortable and most effective for pain relief Injury healing - pads are placed at the location of the injury. Muscle rehabilitation - the generic advice is to place one pad at the top of the muscle and the second pad one-third along the length of the muscle you wish to strengthen. You may need to consult your physiotherapist ...

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Jun 20, 2019· Placing the electrodes in the proper area is the first step to achieving the most benefit from your TENS or EMS unit. Use this TENS unit placement chart as a handy reference to guide you when placing your TENS unit electrodes on your body during pain relief treatments. If you consult with a medical professional about using your TENS unit, they will likely be able to assist you further in ...

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The below illustrations are provided by Current Solutions. They show recommended electrode placement for the common areas of the body where pain is treated with TENS therapy. The electrode placement diagrams shown here display electrodes for a 2-Channel Venti TENS unit, which uses 4 total electrodes – 2 electrodes per channel.

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Apr 06, 2020· Make a note of where the pain is located; pinpointing the source of the pain is helpful in electrode placement. Always use the pads in pairs, either two or four pads depending on the specific TENS unit, according to Omron Healthcare. The distance of the pads from each other alters the strength of the electrical current.

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Nov 19, 2019· Consult this DR-HO'S pad placement guide for chronic pain conditions for more information how to get the most out of a DR-HO'S TENS unit. Headaches, Neck and Shoulders Pad placement that targets headaches, neck and shoulder pain or any upper body symptoms can often be associated with fibromyalgia and chronic neck pain.

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TENS is considered to be very effective for managing bursitis pain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. A TENS machine is a small, battery-operated device that has leads connected to sticky pads called electrodes. TENS machines can help treat and manage pain.

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TENS Protocols | Elbow Pain 10 Elbow Pain Setting/Mode Burst, Continuous, or SMP Treatment Time 30 – 60 minutes 3 – 4 times per day or as prescribed Electrode Placement Place electrodes above and below the painful area on the elbow.

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The electrode pads for the best tens unit for home use should not be placed directly over joints including knee, elbow or ankle. If the pain is widespread it is generally a good rule of thumb to place one pad vertically at the uppermost part of the area of pain.

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The following is an easy, comprehensive guide to using your TENS machine to treat a range of the most common types of pain. The settings may vary slightly according to the model of your TENS machine, so make sure you check the manual included with your unit for more specific information.

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While this might seem like a daunting region for pad placement, you can still use your TENS unit by putting the pads to the left and right side of the pain. Similarly, a wide pain between your shoulders on your back can be treated with electrodes placed on the left and right side of your spine.

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Oct 12, 2018· Dr. Ho's Pad Placement Charts: A Guide to Effective TENS Therapy. DR-HO's Pain Therapy System and Pain Therapy System Pro are effective TENS therapy devices that can help relieve pain, relax your muscles and improve your circulation. They can relieve pain in many areas around the body. This is due to the multi-use gel body pads that come with ...