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Jul 13, 2020· *** Exceptions – Camouflage net and Spall Liner. The cost of the Camouflage network will be 50,000 credits for equipment of II-IV levels and 100,000 credits for equipment of VX levels. The Spall Liner is not divided into classes, but is presented in four versions:

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The T-62A is not only a reliable tank, but also one of the most convenient vehicle to drive, available in the World of Tanks. Development, equipment, crew. T-62A has the elite status from the very beginning. Preferred equipment: shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, improved ventilation. Optional equipment: camouflage net, improved guidance system

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Oct 01, 2014· Camo Nets for Light Tanks - Yes or No? - posted in General Discussion: I have Binoculars, Camo Nets and Enhanced Suspension on most of my light tanks from the M3 Stuart to the LBBT and T-50-2. I was just researching over lunch and found that the net gives me only a 10% increase in my camo rating. I originally believed it was more like 25%.

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Equipment in World of Tanks: Major Issues. Most of you have probably encountered the following issues with the current system: Limited variety and configuration: Most players use only a few of the most popular types of equipment (such as the Gun Rammer, Ventilation, Gun-laying Drive, and Camouflage Net) while others (such as Enhanced Suspension and Additional Grousers) are almost never used.

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Aug 28, 2020· Regarding removable equipment as a general rule, most players keep at least two binoculars and camo nets for new tanks, with many keeping two toolboxes or a third camo net and binoculars as well. That way, even on new tanks when they lack the credits to equip them fully, they can enter battle with as much of toolbox, camo net and binoculars as ...

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The Removable Equipment includes the Camouflage Net, the Binocular Telescope, and the Toolbox. The other form of Equipment is Complex Equipment that cannot be removed from your tank except through the following methods: pay 10 gold, destroy the equipment, or sell the tank, which will return half the price of the Equipment to your savings.

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Aug 26, 2020· • An enormous world of tanks numbering over 350 unique and exclusive combat vehicles with thoroughly elaborate 3D models! ... pick equipment, wear camouflage…

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Equipment | Advanced tips World of Tanks Guide. 0. ... (Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, Toolbox) and permanent. Demounting of the latter costs 10 gold. Equipment. Description. Camouflage Net +25% to camouflage factor when the tank hull is stationary for 3 seconds (we can turn the turret). Binocular Telescope +25% to view range, when the ...

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Camouflage Net -3–7% to the visibility of moving vehicles -6–14% to the visibility of the vehicles stationary for more than three seconds Bonus to concealment depends on the vehicle class.

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May 29, 2020· Equipment in World of Tanks has been around for a very long time since its release. Despite all the changes that took place in the game, ... • The cost of the camouflage net will be 50,000 silver for equipment of the II-IV levels and 100,000 for equipment of the V level or higher.

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Oct 05, 2014· T28 equipment-camo net worth it? - posted in General Discussion: finally picked up the T28 TD. is it worth buying a camo net, or is it just too big to hide? Fun tank so far. Stock, except engine. Slow rolling death. I play it as a medium.

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Aug 24, 2020· Gaining experience and credits is one of your primary goals in World of Tanks. Experience is used to research new modules and tanks and to progress your crew, while credits can be used to pay for new modules and tanks, equipment, consumables and ammunition, crew training/retraining as well as temporary camouflage patterns. Tank Experience and ...

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World of Tanks . World of Tanks Game Guide by gamepressure. World of Tanks Guide. Game Guide. Soviet tanks. Soviet medium tanks. T-43. ... Development, equipment, crew. Right at the outset, you will have to develop new suspension and then the turret, to mount the 85mm D5T-85BM cannon, developed for the T-34-85, as well as the V-54K engine. ...

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Any Equipment previously considered Standard Equipment (Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, and Toolbox) can be demounted according to the general rules, either for 10 or using a Demount Kit. For each Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, or Toolbox mounted on any of your vehicles, you will receive 1 Demount Kit.

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The test shows there is very little difference in open ground visibility – whether stationary, moving or firing, the vehicle can be spotted from a distance of between 382 meters to 402 meters (the maximum viewing distance of the spotter). Its certain that vehicles with binoculars or enhanced optics will spot the Object 261 even further, up to a distance of 500 meters.

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A Camouflage Net is one type of Equipment you may acquire and supply on your tank. With a Camouflage Net equipped, your tank will enjoy a boost to its Concealment rating while it's stationary (which means that it's not moving… at all).

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Removable Equipment Camouflage Net. The camouflage net gives a tank a boost to it's camouflage value and varies depending on your tank class. Light and medium tanks receive a 10% increase, heavy tanks and SPGs receive a 5% increase, and tank destroyers get a 15% camouflage increase.

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Jun 06, 2015· CAMO NET AND BINOCS ON IS3 CONFIRMED. CAMO NET AND BINOCS ON IS3 CONFIRMED. Skip navigation ... World of tanks Equipment guide - Duration: 15:14. orzanel 13,407 views. 15:14. World of Tanks ...

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Class 1 equipment will cost 600,000 credits. It can be mounted on Tier VIII–X tanks. New equipment will remain in approximately the same price range as it is now. The exceptions to this rule are Camouflage Net and Spall Liner. Camouflage Net will cost 50,000 credits for Tier II–IV vehicles and 100,000 credits for Tier V–X vehicles.

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That's why spotting is one of the core elements of the World of Tanks game mechanics. View Range is the maximum distance at which your vehicle can spot opponents. This parameter is defined by turret characteristics, modified by crew perks and skills.